Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sexy Eating for Good Health, Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change

Photo source: Tres Sugar
Every one wants to feel good, look good and enjoy life.  That includes having great sex. Do you remember a time when you couldn't wait to see and touch your partner? Yet, what happens when what you're eating, drinking or thinking gets in the way? You just may find yourself doing more complaining than engaging in lovemaking.

Of course, purposeful talk can be a turn on since it does aid in the release of oxytocin, "the love" hormone.

But let's be real, when your energy is low, breath is short, sleep is at a minimum, and you're thinking, "I am not in the mood," there won't be much sexy feeling going on.  So, a few quick changes can alter that.  First of all, gratification begins in the brain.  Taking care of your body makes you think and  feel better about yourself and certainly about sharing with someone else.

Where do you start?  When you go grocery shopping, add some almonds, walnuts and Omega-3 in the cart.  Increase your consumption of anti-oxidants with spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, red grapes, beets, greens, and dark chocolate.  The high flavonoid in dark chocolate has been reported to improve circulation and that contributes to more enjoyable sex.  Just resist the temptation to eat  the whole bar at one time.  Ask me how I know!

And let's not forget to do some physical exercise.  If you haven't been doing any exercise- start with some push-ups and situps each day.  Drink water, get outside, feel the sunshine on your face and breathe deeply. You'll be surprised how quickly you experience results. So women and men get your sexy back in 2012.