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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Best Time To Maintain Good Health

The best time to maintain good health, is while you have it. It's kind of like what my parents used to say about school work. I was encouraged to stay ahead and keep up so I would not have to play catch up. So, what causes some of us to overeat, overindulge, underexercise and then, decry the weight gain, bulges and "bad" news from the doctor? 

Call it human nature, reacting to life upsets, wanting to do what we want to do, repeating what we've seen, or my all time favorites, "I have plenty of time to deal with that" and "Well, I'm going to die from something".  While there are some things that genetics may have predisposed us to, we still have choices. Just suppose, we made some moderate changes now in our thinking, eating and exercise plan? Do you suppose we could then avoid the doctor's "cut back on and cut out" decrees? When we order the apple instead of the bag of chips with our sandwich, do you think it may make a difference? It makes sense to me. How about you? Now I know that some folks don't move until their backs are up against the wall and that's okay. "Back against the wall" can be a great motivator. One of my clients made some drastic changes when he thought he would not be here for his grandson's arrival. 

For anyone who is serious about maintaining or restoring good health there are some steps to be taken and key questions to be answered. We will deal with the first here which involves our thought process. Step 1- Think about the benefit to you of being in good health. What would you be doing, seeing, hearing and experiencing? What are you losing or missing out on as a result of not being in good health? Are those losses acceptable to you? If yes, what are you getting out of having those losses? What is being in good health worth to you? Start answering those questions for yourself with honesty. Then we will go to Step 2.