Monday, September 15, 2008

Get Some Color In Your Diet

Autumn is upon us. The leaves are about to display a beautiful array of yellows and oranges. The colors that we see in fruits, vegetables and tubers are mists of solar and fohatic flames. They have a close relationship with the organs of the human body. 

Consider that the brain is cream-colored, the lungs pink, the heart red, the liver indigo or dark brown, the gall-bladder green and the pancreas is yellow. That is no accident. The CREATOR knew what to do. We are wonderfully made. Each organ and cell is endowed with its own life force. The three primary elements of air, fire and water are in the foods we eat and these foods must be combined properly to give the body motion, heat and agility. The elements are to the body as gas, oil and water are to the automobile. 

If your dinner plate is brown and beige, it is not helping your nervous system, heart, genes, immune system, breathing, memory, attention, mental health or ability to fight off cancer and other diseases. Learn how to choose foods that nurture your body. Add some color power to your diet!